In Memoriam

Lahir : September 1935

Wafat : 3 Mei 2007

Nama : Ketut Gosa (My lovely father)

Selamat Jalan ayah …. selamat mengarungi alam yang maha luas, jadilah bintang yang paling bersinar di langit, semoga cahya-Nya menerangi setiap jalanmu dan semoga amal dan ibadahmu di terima disisi-Nya …”

secuil poetry untukmu

Gone from our home,
that smiling face,
the cheerful happy ways,
the heart that won so many friends,
in bygone happy days.

Lonely is the home without you,
life to us is not the same,
all the world would be like heaven,
if we could have you back again.

In dreams we see his smiling face,
but in our aching hearts we know,
we have no father now.

In tears we watch you sinking,
we watched you fade away,
and though our hearts were breaking,
we knew you could not stay,
you left behind some aching hearts,
that loves you most sincere,
we never shall and never will forget you,
father dear …..